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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My experience on the web

It seems like I had a slow ride to discovering making money on the net.

Initially I got into the manual traffic exchange, I was having time then, - IT'S FREE to sign up but you have to have the time OR - if you don't have the time and have the money,...then you can buy credits, impression and all that.

Then, I learned the blogging, I am working on my own web page to design for my motel business,
I am having so much fun with all this, believe me!

I also learned to use the net to monetize.

  • The 1st step was to set up a PayPal account - I find it easy to use, there might be other alternatives out there, and really, - whatever works for you, as long as is SAFE
  • Second, is to set up with the advertisers and get a publisher ID. It is easier to do it with some the some others and just take your time. -Most popular are AdSense ( with Google), Amazon, EBay, Kontera. To sign up is free of charge.


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