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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everything you want the Smart, Green (Paperless) Way

I hear so many times people asking "What to Blog about?"

You can blog about anything, your life, your class, your pets, your latest travel experience, and moreover, when you have a business, you can share lots of good things about the business, special promotions, extras; Free advise, or a Free tele-class you want to offer.

Here are some tips for; see what community is suitable for you, your business or the purpose you want to market certain products.


Free advertising
  • Clasiffieds
  • Free web sites (see sample of my hotel business blog )

I included a video class, step by step on blogging and more,

Check on all those groups you can set up one for free.­/CarolinaD50

  • Referral earning: Once you have a site, you might get paid to promote that network or just your web.

  • Write and earn:
Sign up in your own and start earning, I very much have fun with this page, get active, post on forums, get friends invited.

my link will build my community and increase my network and earning; your turn is coming


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